4.30 Dreamhost ate my homework

10h Last night I did some good work on ER diagrams and user stories for my breakable toy. It feels good to get some ideas out. I used an er diagram website and next time I’m definitely going to write it out on paper. I still may, actually. Doing it on the app made me spend more time clicking and drawing than thinking. I think this step should be more about thinking.

THEN dreamhost had a server migration that gave me a heart attack thinking we lost a database or I got hacked. The site was showing a weird htaccess error, but the permissions seemed ok.

In the end it all seems to have resolved itself. They had a notification on their site saying they were going to be down for a little bit – I just missed it. If there was one takeaway from all of this it’s that I really really need to start backing up my content from wordpress. It’s part of my resume at this point so it has a lot of value. I need to make sure I’m ensuring that data is safe.

Tell me what you think.

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