5.2 s3, carrierwave, and enzyme – Oh my!

10h Today was really long and hard but a lot of fun. I got carrierwave to save uploaded images to an amazon s3 bucket on our group project, I got to deal with a ton of merge conflicts on enzyme tests (it wasn’t that bad) and I put in some time on my breakable toy. One funny thing about that project is that I need to bring my computer down to the basement every few days just to make sure that my site still connects to the device. It’s not something I can just mock and trust – If I somehow break the ability to talk to the machine I’m dead in the water.

I’m feeling good about my progress, but always anxious about the fact the deadline is almost 2 weeks away. I’ll get there. It’ll be nice to put headphones on and crank on some code.

Tell me what you think.

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