5.1 time is drawing near…

10.5h Today we worked on our group projects a ton and got a good bit accomplished. The other half of our group is currently waging a long war with a big branch and I don’t think they are going to have a good time merging it. It’s just had so much changed on both their branch and master, so it’s going to be a conflict-full time.

I’ve started thinking more and more about my brewing app (breakable toy). Tonight I sat down with two grads and worked on my ER diagram, my overall pitch strategy, and talked about their job hunts. That has been super helpful. I wish I had more nights free to do that.

Tonight I set up my database for the mvp and wrote tests for that new structure. I also wrote a couple of tests for my getRecipe route so that I should be able to refactor it and they will still pass, provided the recipe is still valid.

The last two weeks aren’t even here yet and it already feels like I’m behind! One step at a time will get me there. It’s fun along the way, as well.

Tell me what you think.

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