4.29 writing react forms.

11h Today I spent all day and then all night making forms in react. At home I’m almost to the point where I need to create a db and model so I can start testing the form. At school I am way past that. It’s been kind of nice to have two projects just so I can bounce ideas off of each of them and then get practice the second time I need to do something.

I’m strangely looking forward to understanding authentication in my breakable toy. I don’t think it’s super hard to comprehend with devise and I feel like it’ll be a cool thing to be able to click on. After I get this form finished I’m going to be working on the ER diagram, then models, controllers, and migrations. Since very little of my app will be in rails I won’t have to do much in erb, which is nice. I also need to start thinking about how to best structure my components / containers folders so things don’t get too messy.

Oh! Also – Yesterday was DAY #300!! Wow, that feels pretty big. I took one day off (it’s been 301 days since I started) and it’s been the longest consecutive streak of almost anything that I have done in my life. I’ve learned a lot and I have a lot left to learn!

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