4.27 nokogiri and mock coding assignment

2.5 Today was pretty mellow coding-wise. The last 5 days or so I’ve been staying up pretty late working on my breakable toy or mock coding assignment and I have to say I’m pretty whooped. Learning nokogiri was interesting, and I’m not totally in love with it yet. I am far more comfortable with either beautifulSoup or cheerios, but it’s always good to know something many ways. It’s been interesting trying to understand xpath and nodes. I haven’t run into nodes before like this and I’ve always been confused by xpath. This time it seems like whenever I try to use and xpath selector it always globally searches. hmmm… more to learn.

The coding challenge is going pretty well. I’m trying to be efficient with my time on it, but with that said I still haven’t cracked open my breakable toy this weekend.

On the breakable toy front – I think I have made some headway on the device connectivity issue. The issue seems to be based on how the ruby response headed is built. I have a question in for the question queue at launch and I also have another plan. The other night I fired up my old python server to test if it still worked and it was fine. That gave me the idea to change my proxy server from a ruby one to a python one. That way I can grab the response from ruby and wrap it in the python header so it hopefully gets in. I’m not even sure which one I like better. The python one shows I know a lil bit of python, but the ruby proxy is one step cleaner.

Ideally I’d love to set the proxy up on a raspberry pi so I don’t have to have my laptop connected and have the dns redirect running. That would be nice!

Tell me what you think.

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