2.8 flexbox zombies and postgres

4h Today I started off trying to get postgres installed and failed badly at that. I had an old install of it on my machine. I’m not certain if that messed it up or not, but I am sure it got messed up. I gave up after two hours. I needed a break from the failure so I tried “flexbox for zombies” and I like it with a few caveats. It’s a game where you need to use flexbox in order to shoot zombies with a crossbow. There is an interesting story, and the sheer repetition of typing the commands in is a fairly good way to burn the flexbox structure and options into your mind. My one gripe with it is that the visual feedback it gives you regarding when your selection is not correct could use a lot of help. It’s really hard to know where and/or why your selection is wrong. That being said, the price is right: $0

Tomorrow I may look into mongodb, or even keep going on firebase. Tonight I’m shutting it down with a win and a loss on the board. Today is day #222 of my coding adventure! I’m still having fun, I’m still not getting enough sleep, and I’m still excited about doing this for a living some day.

Tell me what you think.

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