2.7 – postgreSQL and python

2.5h I fixed up my old mail scraper for photos and made it a little bit more flexible. I had noticed it was missing some styles of email so I changed it a tiny bit to allow it to try harder on those newer formats.

I also started installing and configuring postgres on my laptop. I had done it a while back and not really touched it since then. I had a bit of a time getting everything figured out so that I could start doing a tutorial. I’m done with the setup now and I’m going to bed! I looked into graphQL a little bit today and it seems like something that I should look into down the line. Understanding a db and sql commands will be much more useful in a hiring environment (and work env.) than a new buzzwordy way to get data.

Databases may not be sexy, but they are damn useful. Like overalls.

Tell me what you think.

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