2.9 Mongo and more zombies

2.5h Today I did some more flexbox zombies and started working on mongodb. I like it a lot better than postgres from an installation aspect! I hate to give up on postgres just because I can’t get it to work on my box, but that might be a sign I just should move on. Mongo seems to be fairly hassle-free so far.

I need to understand the theory of how and where I should access the db. I believe I should only access it on the backend, as otherwise it seems like it would be easy to have the wrong people poking into your code and then getting unauthorized db access. Currently all of my code is written with the concept of accessing the db in the frontend, so I need to rework that so the front end politely asks the backend for the data and then the backend responds with the data. I believe that also means once I tackle authentication I can make it a part of the request, meaning I can say “show me all of this user’s recipes” AND “this username and password prove I am that person”

Tell me what you think.

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