1.9 Study Log – geolocation, c, and filtering arrays

2h Tonight was good. I used filter() for the first time I can remember. I used map last night as well. I need to remember to use them when appropriate, (reduce as well!) because they can save a ton of code.

I started out doing my Launch Academy preflight homework, then did a little styling (very little) on the MBTA app, FINALLY got over the cs50 issue, and then came back to the MBTA app to work on the geolocation piece. I got it partially working, but it isn’t wired up to state or react all that well. It is currently automatically running on page load and then logging it’s closest stop to console, not the page. I’ll come back and hook that up some other time.

It may feel like I’ve been jumping around a bit tonight, but it all worked out pretty well.

Tell me what you think.

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