1.10 Study Log

2h The usual. a little bit of LA preflight and then on to projects. I need to find a bigger thing to work on next week, but Ignition is also starting next week, so that should take 20-25h per week up. I’m torn between trying to actually sleep like a normal human vs staying up late and coding even more.

Tonight I worked on adding state to my geolocation code. I got stuck in a few reloading loops, and its tough to know what is happening when that is going on. I figured out how to run the preload code in componentWillMount() and then just display the results in the jsx. I’m still strangely stuck on asynchronous vs synch code. I believe I was running into that tonight where a function took a while to iterate through yet the code that ran after it seemed to run before the function returned a value. That doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’m new at this after all…

Next up would be a way to optimize the distance search: if I am traversing a line and the distance starts going up I can probably assume that it will continue that way. I’d need a limit such as “if 4 stops in a row increase in distance from me, then jump to the next line”

I also need to pass the state up to the main app, and then find the route info from the station name. I’m getting closer to a functional product – one step at a time.

Tell me what you think.

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