1.8 Study Log. api calls for dayyyys

2.5h Tonight I did the usual lil’ bit of LA coding, then off to project time. I fought with my MBTA app to get a few things working tonight. I built a dictionary of all subway stations and station shortnames so that I can look up a shortname by the full name and then build a url with it. I also built the beginning of the prediction looker-upper. It has an interesting way of reporting the predictions because it gives you the entire day at a glance. I next need to figure out how to convert my time into their time format and compare so that I can find the next 3 upcoming trains in either direction and then display them. ACTUALLY- THAT’s WRONG! I just need to build my array of 3 and 3 trains in each direction. It’s probably wrong to assume that the next 6 trains will include even amounts of trains in each direction. I will then need to figure out how to know which direction code lines up with which direction. oof.

Programming can feel overwhelming at some points, but the best thing I can do is to simply break problems down into tiny pieces and then build solutions to them. Even if it is naming a variable or researching something, it is still getting me closer to my goal.

Next up on the app is probably geolocation. probably. Either that or I need to get back on cs50. hmmmm

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