11.29 Study Log – woah

6h – Today I realized I can listen to podcasts while I am doing other things that don’t require me to listen to audio. I’m blown away it has taken me 150 days to make that connection. Riding the T, picking up the car, shopping and walking. It’s less effective than single-minded focus but still a lot better than not listening at all. I did 1.25h of wes bos and the rest is all podcasts. I listened to the complete dev podcast talk about the importance of katas in interviewing. I listened to the jr dev toolbox hosts talk about sharpening their tools over and over again (it _is_ important though) and I listened to some more coding blocks episodes.

The react work tonight was in creating a component to add fishes to the order, and then another one to add all available fishes to the inventory (with images and descriptions). It’s neat to see how the complexity can build pretty quickly. I’m just now seeing a tiny bit of possibility in a podcast thought that your components should never be longer than x lines (was it 10? if feels like it was 5 but that is insane.)

I’ve been pausing the video when wes explains what he wants to do next and then trying to do it. I usually get the variable names wrong, but the rest pretty right. I still need to slow down and focus on if it’s this.xxx or this.props.ddddd and if it is in props then did I actually pass it in yet? Thankfully the react error messages are pretty helpful, and I can usually code for a bit, read the error messages, and then start unwrapping things.

I didn’t see any fireworks last night for #DAY150, maybe there will be some for day 200! I’m looking more and more forward to Launch Academy starting as the days go on.

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