11.28 Study Log – Day 150!

3h Tonight was 1.5h of podcasts and 1.5 of Wes Bos React tutorials. I listened to the coding blocks episode on git workflows and it was the first one I got into. I think I have a hard time listening to it since it’s usually 5 min of three dudes bullshitting in the start of each show. I never made it past that point the first few times. This episode was pretty cool, and they reviewed a bunch of different git workflows. It’s good to see what I may end up using in the workflow and how it differs from what I am using as a single-contributor.

The react course is going well and I’m happy with how much of it I am able to remember. I’m almost halfway through it, and today we got to state. Wes set up the state without doing a constructor and super() call. I had never seen that before. It’s always good to see new options, and wes’s way is definitely simpler.

Tonight is day 150 of coding every day! I’ve done 91.63 hours so far this month (3.27h/night) and a total of 469.38 hours (3.13h/night) This has been a lot of work, but I know it will work out in the end.

Tell me what you think.

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