11.30 Study log and monthly recap

3.25h same story – different day. 2h of podcasts and 1h of wes bos teachin’ react. I’m hoping this weekend lets me put up some bigger numbers in the coding column.

Tonight Wes started covering firebase. It seems pretty cool, allowing you to sync a state across multiple machines. It seems like it could be used as a decentralized database, but I bet that would be a bad idea in a real use-case.

In November I studied 100 hours for an average of 3.35h per day. That’s a lot higher than I expected it would be. The week of travel certainly did not make anything easier. This month I gave up on learning redux for the time being, and I started listening to podcasts during every break in my day. In one month’s time I will have the optional pre-ignition materials to work on, and another month from that I will be officially enrolled in ignition!


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