11.24 Study Log – BrowserSync is great!

2.5h Tonight I worked on browserSync and mixins in the “Git a Web Developer Job” course and only got one to work! browserSync is cool in that it will reload a page when you have updated some of the code for it, AND it can live-inject css into an existing window if you are only tweaking css, AND it can sync your chrome and safari windows together, AND it even works on mobile if you are on the same wifi as your laptop! All of that felt like deeper and deeper levels of magic.

On the other hand I have had a lot of beginner’s bad luck in trying to get everything to actually work. I’m stumped on the mixins lesson because no matter what I have tried, it seems I just can’t get the mixin to work. I’m going to call it a night at this point, but it sure feels better to go to bed on a win.

It just occurred to me that this class is a great counterpoint to my react classes simply because this one is all about styling a site – not making it dynamic or anything very backend-y. I definitely have a lot to learn on the design front and I’m glad i’m in this (even if it does have a lot of roadblocks and dead ends.)

Tell me what you think.

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