11.25 Study Log

3.5h Responsive images and a ton of podcasts. I’m usually not happy when podcasts make up the bulk of my study time, but the truth is that they are better than nothing. I was in a spot today where I could listen to podcasts but not use my laptop and that’s what I did. I listened to some complete developer shows about surviving multiple projects and the 7 myths of agile, and I listened to a jr dev toolbox episode about hiring junior developers with Dan Weese. He had some interesting things to say since he was self-taught. That doesn’t seem to be a common thing for people to admit, even if it is a common thing.

The time spent making images responsive is good. I need to bone up on more “graphical styling” css / html stuff. it’s less technical so it interests me less, but it can certainly still be difficult.

Over the weekend I signed up for headspace and bought wes bos’s react course. Headspace is a guided meditation app that one of my cousins could not recommend more. Wes’s react class was always on my radar and then he had a big black friday sale so I jumped on it. It’ll be a good refresher and hopefully I learn a few things from that nice canadian man.

One last thing:


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