11.23 -> postcss for days

2.5h Today was mostly in Git a Web Developer Job, with a small tutorial thrown in for fun on heroku. That seemed pretty simple at the entry level. I’m sure it goes deeper, but I think I got the basics today. On the other course I’ve been struggling with getting the postcss stuff to actually work right. I don’t feel like I’m getting any feedback on if my code is broken, my install is, or if it has been updated since the tutorial was released and now it has breaking changes. There are 5 critical issues with the tutorial packages.json install and I’m afraid to break it by upgrading them before I figure things out. when I pull back I can see it is all small stuff, but it is really frustrating to have to reset all of my code simply because I probably have a tiny typo somewhere and I can’t find it.

Oh yeah, I also learned about BEM today!


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