10.26 Study log – Modern React with Redux


Today was ~3.5h of Modern React (and typing in my written notes) and a little bit of Complete dev podcast and dev env setup on my laptop. I have a few computers and I’m learning so much about how to config the terminal and sublime and git that I’m always struggling with keeping them all uon the same settings. Today I spent some time actually getting my laptop up to snuff with prettier, babel and cloning the starter project from github.

Modern react has been useful so far. I’m on lecture 32 in section 2, so I have 3 more lectures until section 3. Tonight I spent a ton of time re-re-following his footsteps because the first time through I was taking paper notes and I didn’t actually write the code. While this is still useful, the third time through it is also very frustrating. I think next time I will type code while writing notes.

I’m starting to get more comfortable reading the code. I make syntax errors all of the time, but I’m getting more comfortable reading React (and JS) and that feels pretty good. When I first started the logical and or concepts really confused me, and I thought ternaries were a very odd concept. Now I think of both of them pretty often when I need to solve a problem.

Tell me what you think.

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