10.25 Study Log


Tonight I finished Wes Bos’s Mastering Sublime Text, and started on Modern React with Redux. The sublime text tips were super useful, and I’m really looking forward to cranking on some react with my new snippits and emmet autocomplete superpowers! I also listened to two episodes of developer tea. The more that I learn about React the more I realize how most of the struggle is not in how to code things, but how to organize them. I.e. making everything a class based stateful component is easy, but paring it down to mostly stateless components and figuring out at what level the state should exist is hard. I’m going to learn about redux fairly soon and that should add another layer of complexity on things. From what little I know about it, I currently expect it to be similar to a user-cached state for components. I doubt it will be executed like that, but my mental model is similar. It’ll be interesting to compare notes with my future-self.

Doing another intro to react tutorial right after doing two others may seem like overkill, but Stephen also has an advanced React class to move up into and I think the repetition will be very helpful in burning it into my memory. I need to start making note cards so that I can set up a good weekly review in order to cement everything in long-term memory.

I’m happy to have settled on Stephen’s course because it gives me a focus for the next week or so. It’s interesting how I worry about aimlessly floundering when I don’t have something lined up next. A goal with a follow-up goal is always a great plan. Plan for success or expect failure. I just made that up, but I like it!

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