10.27 Study Log – Leaking API Keys like it’s my job!


Today was more on Modern React with Redux, and I even got into the redux section! I ALSO uploaded my youtube-API key to github, :(. Thankfully I got an email instantaneously from gitGuardian telling me that I “done goofed up” I deactivated my key and made a new one. Now I figured out one way to keep coding and not have to worry about accidentally uploading it again. The solution I got working is to put the keys in a separate js file in a module.export object, and then to import that file into the index.js file. Finally, I need to add the separate file (i think I named mine ‘keys’) on my .gitignore list.

Outside of that the react tutorial is going pretty well. I am really hurting for a larger monitor because trying to keep the udemy player and sublime text large enough to read both is a pain. I could switch to an imac, but I’m not for whatever reason.

Redux on the other hand seems like a lot more complicated than React. I guess that might not be the right way to say it. It seems like redux is solving a need I do not have, and it’s not very drag and drop when you add it. That is fine, but I’m currently not seeing any benefit to the complexity. I’m hopeful I see more in the future, and work on big enough things that this will be needed.


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