10.09 Study Log

3h tonight. I read 2 interesting blogs: A gentle introduction to javascript tdd and TDD isn’t testing. I know the importance of testing. I don’t know very well how to implement it, and I’m still unsure if it makes sense for me to start down this path when I’m still doing small exercises. It’ll more than double the amount of code I write! The first page does the testing in node, and I’m both unsure why it did that, and also if that is really something that I want to do in the future.

I listened to 2 podcasts from the complete developer podcast on continuous self-improvement, and 7 habits to prevent burnout. Those were both good, and I feel like it’s good for me to hear more programmers speaking about the job. I pick up lingo and nuanced information, even if I am not learning as much as when I code and take notes.

I spent 30m  in the udemy JS algorithms and data structure class struggling to understand why my binary search code is breaking. I’m literally going to have to go character by character and compare it to the answer. I guess it is really good that it is so similar (*without cheating) to their answer, but it isn’t working and that is kind of important.

I’ve also shifted my view on if I should count podcasts in my total time at all. Previously I felt like they weren’t as educational so I shouldn’t include them. Now I think that anything that is potentially getting me closer to getting a job should be counted. Meetups, podcasts, and studying. I’m undecided about reading blogs / reddit because it seems like I could easily fill an hour without learning anything of any significance.

Lastly, I did 11 challenges on the Free Code Camp React certification. I’m still hopping from topic to topic a lot and I hate it, but I prefer it to grinding my progress to a stop. I feel like I want to learn a bunch of things better: Ruby , rails, TDD, design patterns, algos and data structures, react, redux(?), mongoDb and SQL, interview questions. That list is constantly evolving. I’m not sure if it’s related, but coming up on 100 days sure does make me feel tired! I also have another trip coming up, so I’m hopeful that won’t make my study log get any zero-days.


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