10.10 Study Log DAY 100!!!

Yep. today is my 100th straight day of coding. So far it has been 300.7 hours as well. No clouds are parting and no legendary knowledge has been poured into my head, but I know a little bit more about a lot of new things. I’m a better coder, typer, and understand-er of coding. The one thing that surprised me is that I really need a next goal. The urge to coast today was pretty strong. I’ve always had the mentality to keep going, but I should make a more specific goal than that in order to keep my spirits up. I think maybe this next 100 days should be more about projects than pure studying. or at least a mix of both. It’s late and I have an early flight, but I think my goal for the next 100 days should be to set a goal for the next 100 days, let’s say within the week. some small goals, some big goals, and some things that I am going to learn.

ok, the studying details:

4h I did 2.5h of updating my python noDaysOff script to have a more github-like interface. I want to be able to use it for the next 100d of code in order to show progress, and I think a 15 week bar graph is a pretty cool way to do that. I branched on github and commited a few things. It’s definitely not the easiest code to work with, and I even wrote it myself! I have no one else to blame.

I also listened to a ton of podcasts today. I tried out the Coding Blocks podcast, but it was really not information-dense enough for me. I much prefer “Complete Developer” at 1.25x.


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