10.08 Study Log

4h Tonight in “JS Algos and data structures” we covered recursion and started getting into linear and binary search. I tried learning something similar a few months ago and it all felt terribly over my head but now it’s settling in nicely. I also listened to some complete developer podcast and watched a few videos on mongoDb. It’s really funny hearing the overview of MongoDb, because it seems to be pretty similar to a hacky db replacement I made for a price scraping site a while back. I didn’t know then that I needed a database, but I did know I needed to store data on a lot of discrete things – so I made a ton of json files!

It’s pretty funny how much the implementation matters. I’m sure my hacky effort was missing most of the charm of MongoDb.

Side note  – today is either day 98 or 99 of continuous coding depending on how you count it!

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