5.12 status update

5h I’ll just go off of yesterday’s list to keep it short

  • geolocation and brewery lookup page – I styled the page and have results writing to the screen as text. Next time I will make each brewery a react component with an animation to show attributes.
  • brew review and rating page – no progress – I’ll make a rating field on the brew object and then change it with an api call. The recipe model can then poll all brews of the recipe to find the average.
  • image upload page for brews – no progress, probably the least important feature on this list.
  • machine id handshake – no progress. it could be an unvalidated text field for mvp.
  • enzyme testing – no progress.
  • visualizations. – I found the c3 library which looks to be simpler than d3. fingers crossed – the setup / tutorials for d3 always made me feel like it was going to be a lot more work than I wanted to set it up. I should also look at other google charts. it may have what I need.

In short – still lots to do! The things I worked on today are getting the brewery lookup api working and displaying text on the page and styling everything. Optimization will be needed for sure with the images. I need to look into react lazy loading, or something similar. AND resize my images.

Tell me what you think.

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