5.11 I won, but I don’t know what the prize is.

5h Today was the kind of day that I pulled at a string and fixed a few things and then the next thing I knew I was 5 hours deep into a debugging session and hadn’t made much progress. It seems like react 16 is maybe a little more picky about routes than 15(?) and I had a few leading ‘/’ missing in some urls. That meant I couldn’t get the data right and the app didn’t really work. I had previously spent a lot of time breaking the single page app out into multiple react pages, and I really wanted to keep that work. This teaches me that it is better to build small parts quickly and write tests as you go. I don’t have a single enzyme test yet, and I really need to start. I could fix bugs so much quicker.

These are the big features I’m hoping to have in there by friday:

  • geolocation and brewery lookup page
  • brew review and rating page
  • image upload page for brews
  • machine id handshake
  • enzyme testing
  • visualizations.

Those don’t feel horrible, but they had better go smoothly or else they won’t all get in. Regardless of if it is finished – it’s due on friday! I’m going to sketch out some more info on all of those bullets so I can start more quickly tomorrow.

Tell me what you think.

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