4.7 postgres

2.5 Today was learning the basics of SQL and JOINs. isn’t it funny how (almost) everything is in caps for SQL? I’m looking forward to having a database project so that I can sink my teeth into it. I have always struggled because it makes sense from a theoretical sense when it is explained to me, but I’m looking forward to the ‘well I need to figure out how to get this data’ phase of an important project. I ended up getting my test scored from last week and I’m happy to say I ‘exceeded expectations’ again. I know that isn’t actually important, but it’s nice to have some external validation every once in a while.

There are 2 more weeks left of instruction before we head into the 2-week group project and the 2-week solo project. I’m looking forward to all of it. AND THEN THE JOB SEARCH BEGINS!!! I’ll try not to focus on that part because it can definitely be overwhelming. In time I’ll have a bit more space to focus on it.

Tell me what you think.

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