4.8 Postgres and activeRecord

9h Tonight I’m whooped and I’m going to try something new. I’m going to bed early in the hopes of waking up early and cranking out some work with a refreshed mind. Lately I’ve been really brain dead so late at night that it’s been a struggle to stay awake, let alone learn efficiently.

Today we did all sorts of JOINS in postgres, and tonight I started on ActiveRecord. It feels doable. I’m not stoked on learning yet another syntax of how to read a database, but I’ll get over it. I think 5 weeks in is too soon to get jaded!

In between projects today I worked on my craigslist scraper app a little bit. I have had fun with that. I’m currently working on auto complete for the city name and then showing a bunch of checkboxes for citied nearby. I have the bones of most of it already done. I need to wire up the initial auto fill and then make an iterator to display all of the nearby cities and make radio buttons for them all! I guess I should also probably have a soft limit or else I will get banned from cl!!’

Tell me what you think.

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