3.17 erb and POST in sinatra

12h OOF, today really got away from me! I’m not upset at the hours, I’m just surprised. I got up early, got to campus early, and worked hard all day long. I did take an hour lunch break because I met up with a buddy, but other than that it was go go go!

Today at Launch we worked more on erb and Sinatra. This is all a set up to when we learn react_router and rails I think. They are giving us a slightly more comfortable environment to learn in, and then we will have a better understanding when we get to the more complex options. We covered POST a bit today and did a lot more erb formatting and looping. We also worked on utilizing objects in erb files and implementing tests on those objects. I’m interested in seeing what the endpoint testing looks like – so far everything has been unit tests. I think that may be where mocking starts to come into play.

I worked a tiny bit on my cl scraper, but nothing worth mentioning. Hopefully tomorrow will have a bit more time. “Acceptance Testing” is a lecture for tomorrow. I have no idea what that is, but I hope it’s more like integration testing than the test set up on user stories. Today is day # 260!! and I typed 25,482 characters today.

Tell me what you think.

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