3.17 – groundhog day

6h Today I did my weekend work for Launch Academy, and I worked on adding a new feature to my scraper app. I’m building an app to scrape listings from craigslist and allow you to filter out things you don’t like. I see some of the same junky ads polluting search results week after week and I’m hoping this will help eliminate some of that. I was thinking about how to best replicate the cl search experience and I had a good idea: to build my site so that you could modify the domain in the url and have it parse the search terms from there! Needless to say I didn’t get it fully figured out, but I learned a bunch in the process. It’s super easy to parse query strings in Express, but currently express is just the backend, so I need it to be parsed in react and then passed to express. In order to parse queries in react you need react-router, and once you do that you have to figure out how to pass down the props until it hits the child component that needs it. I got about halfway through that process before I had to call it quits for the night. It’s been a long week and it’ll be a long 9 more weeks!

I think I’m close to figuring out my url issue, but it’s currently broken. I feel really bad going to bed with non-working code but I guess that has to happen to everyone sometimes. I’m also home alone for the next few days and it feels really, really, weird to be so quiet in the house.

Just so I mention it: I worked on learning the parts of the url and erb basics in sinatra today. Then the afternoon was in javascript. It’s getting easier to do that switch the more times I do it (and the more focused time I spend coding) Today is day #259, I typed 11932 characters.

Tell me what you think.

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