3.9 I think I did this wrong.

3h I’m starting to feel more strongly that hacking it together in express was a bad, bad idea. I learned something from it, but that is not to do it again. The amount of time I need to spend re-engineering things in order to make them right is far greater than the time I saved in not setting it up the right way from the start. Today I moved the css and script tags into the html proper vs including them in the component (!) and tried to untangle as many things as I could find along the way.

I’m interested in understanding how a pro works with git. I’m not sure if they only work on single issues at a time, or just commit single issues at a time, or none of the above. I find one fix requires another fix and then that doesn’t work and three hours later I have done five things and no commits. I think I would love the mental clarity to step back periodically and say “that feels good – lets commit that!” instead of “uggghhhh, what should I write as a description?”

Tonight also blew up because my family is sick with the flu and I had to shut down my studying very early to take care of them. Life happens. They are one of the big reasons I’m going through this process, so I’m happy to spend a few hours on them as opposed to coding.

Tell me what you think.

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