3.10 Today was a good day

3h Today was a lot more work on the craigslist app. I got the ‘hide’ button to work. It currently uses localstorage for state, but it works fine. I played around with some animations for when the elements are removed, but I wasn’t able to both animate the opacity and then entirely remove them from the dom. The Display property can’t be animated, and the visibility property leaves a gaping hole. sigh.

Tomorrow is my first day of launch academy! I need to go to bed!

I have no idea for what my free time will be like in the next 10 weeks, but I’d like to add a button to clear the localstorage, and then a field to enter in your search terms, my stretch goal would be to ask for a craigslist to start from and then offer options for other local-ish cities to check. That would be a bit more scraping, but it should totally be doable. OH! I want to display empty divs before the data shows up so it feels more responsive.

Tell me what you think.

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