3.6 foundation and unwrapping promises

5h Today I did a bunch of Launch Academy stuff with learning Foundation and dom manipulation. I also started some late night work on the craigslist scraper and I had a lot of good ideas but they were all bigger than the time I had 🙁 My latest one was that I want to scrape more that one search and put them all on the same page. My issue with that is that I need to res.send to be within the promise .then handler, and I need to process more than one promise before I can send the page.

In a funny twist of fate, just writing the previous line helped me figure out what I needed to do. Since I’m processing a list of urls all I need to do is check inside of the promise loop if we are at the last url. If so, then return the data I have collected so far! That was simple!

The next thing is going to be how to add a button that will add a post id to the blocked list. This shouldn’t be hard, but I’m still building this entirely in express so there is a lot of hardcoded html in there. I should probably start transitioning to react for the frontend code. Oh, I also started playing around with diskDb based on something wes bos said. I haven’t gotten it up and running yet either but I have created a db and written to it. It seems super simple. And I’m going to make a nav bar pretty soon using foundation. So many things! And Launch Academy starts on monday!!

Tell me what you think.

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