3.5 code review only works for code that has been submitted

2.5h Today I’m kicking myself because I failed to submit the system check assignment in it’s finished form. I was trying to not flood the system with a lot of check-ins, and I went too far on not checking in my code. Thankfully it’s not as important as the on-campus ones but still it sucks to have missed a big piece like that. After I got the bad grade on my last incomplete check-in I submitted it and got better comments. I then worked on this week’s work. It’s all about dom manipulation and event handlers so far. The last assignment I worked on was matching a layout when given html and a blank css file. That has been interesting so far. Centering things is definitely a thorn in my side. Especially with a lot of nested divs. I never know if it’s not centered because I’m doing it wrong or because it’s already butting up against another invisible element.

Tell me what you think.

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