3.2 Express and React from a bare directory. I’m still a slow typer, too.

2.25h I’m starting to get really confused about my hour counter since it is more a coding/studying counter than a “things I did that are related to coding” counter. Ie today I spent 2 hours finishing the book “getting things done” but I don’t think I should count that since it’s for school, but not really coding related. I don’t know. In a few weeks sit won’t matter since I’ll probably lose all time to even post updates! Hopefully not though.

Tonight I worked on the craigslist scraper some more. I did the same kind of thing I have done the last 2 nights unintentionally – broke git and then had to get dirty to fix it. Tonight I had a single js file that I wanted to add a server to, and ideally both react and express. From what I learned last night I used create-react-app so that I didn’t have (m)any security issues or posting trouble. Installing everything actually went pretty well. I didn’t have many dependencies so it was easy to sort out. I still don’t have routing working right – so the two servers are on different ports. Come to think of it I don’t need to let the api server have truly external access. baking a port into the url should be fine. I wonder if there is a best practice about this. I’m sure there is somewhere.

In lighter news I finally broke 50 on my typing test! 52 is double my starting score and I don’t feel like I’ve even been trying very hard. I need to double down on numbers and punctuation because those slow me down a lot.

Hopefully I’ll put some more strategic thought into the structure of the scraper app and build a more functional test.

Tell me what you think.

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