3.3 I finally found a use case for classes. (oop)

2.5h Today I worked on my jquery selectors a bit in the craigslist scraper app and I also found the first app that made me understand why someone would want to use a class! I’m going to be reusing the same pieces of code and functions for each cl posting. It makes total sense that I would group data and structures together and be able to componentize it better. It’s nice to see my mind making the connections between new and old things. I wasn’t sure when I was ever going to want / need classes, but I understand them better now that I have a good use case.

I have been entirely in express so far – either hard-coding or generating html in js. I know that’s not ideal, and it’s making me rethink what I should use node for and what I should use react for. It seems like the actual getting of cl data needs to be on the node side, but other than that I think it could all be react. ALSO – even though I redid all of the foundational installs yesterday I’m thinking I should have done it better and I’m thinking about doing it again. Express has a setup tool that auto builds a lot of infrastucture and I’m intrigued. I should probably hold off on big rewires until I decide what is doing what, but it is definitely in my head.

I listened to a complete developer podcast about dependency injection and I have to say I don’t think I learned a single thing. It is so far outside of my knowledge that I’m not picking anything up at all. Maybe I should try again in a few months / weeks / years.

This week is the last week of ignition!! I’m really excited to start on-campus next week, and I’m also excited to meet up with some of my classmates this Wednesday.

Tell me what you think.

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