12.3 Study Log Animations in React

3.75h Tonight Wes Bos explained React (more like css) animations to me. he is using a css preprocessor but it’s not really about that. The ‘magic’ comes from this import

import {TransitionGroup, CSSTransition } from “react-transition-group”;

…and then wrapping our components in a <TransitionGroup> tag and a <CSSTransition> tag. Those tell react-transition-group what to work on. It works by putting class names on the elements that are entering or exiting. That allows us to put css animations on them. We are animating position, size and color. Wes did a good job making it look interesting without that many lines of css.

I had a lot of slow time tonight cooking and cleaning so I also got in a lot more podcast listening. I need to branch out from complete dev pod. More javascript specific would be nice as well as some new voices.

I worked a tiny bit on my python image scraper earlier so that it can handle internet outages. Previously it just errored out and quit. Now it politely logs the error to the console, waits 60s and then retries.

Tell me what you think.

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