11.07 Study Log

3h Today I did an hour on the mbta react app, 45m on js algorithms and data structures, and 45m of developer tea and complete developer. Tomorrow is going to be day 130! I worked today on building pulldowns and populating them with data. I was successful doing that, but I wasn’t able to figure out the onchange event that applied to them, so I have not yet been able to apply the callback function. I’m passing a callback into the component that has the pulldown in it and keeping the state in app.js. I’m glad I learned how to do that, because I could see getting tied up in knots otherwise and passing data both ways (or trying to!)

I also successfully wrote a binary search algorithm for the first time. I often get stuck trying to debug javascript in the udemy online ide, and it is terrible. It’s only really there for testing and I need to remember that. I worked on it in a different browser with dev tools and I figured out the algo in 10 minutes or so.

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