11.08 Study Log – I built a Chrome plugin!

6h Today I started building an idea that I have had in mind for a long time. I have always been bothered by the way free code camp looks when you first log in. It has the first certificate and subject opened, and it pushes the rest of the content off the page. I suspect it is that way to feel welcoming to newbies, but it is frustrating when you have been using it for a while and you need to scroll much farther than needed to get past that first section or click to close it every. single. time.

SO, what I did was to build a chrome plugin that makes the site look a bit more tidy. It was fun, and surprisingly easy. It ended up being 3 lines of javascript! Here is a link to the repo. 

I initially had a much bigger concept in mind. I wanted to sort through all of the lessons in a certificate and decorate the certificate name if they had all been completed. It turns out that the granular lesson info is not there unless you manually click on the certificates and subjects inside. I am still interested in seeing if I can either make synthetic clicks to gather data, or change the react state directly from the extension. Both of those feel like they have some limitations / issues.

I also listened to the new Complete Developer Podcast and they read one of my tweets on the show! I guess they are going to send me a waterbottle. That’s cool!

Tell me what you think.

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