10.30 Study Log

2h I finished watching the weather app section of Modern React and Redux and started it again as a code-along. I’m around a third of the way through. I’m successfully importing my api keys from a .gitignore’d file so I feel like I’m learning from my mistakes!

I also figured out for the nth time how to set remote origin so I will document it here. If I have cloned someone else’s repo locally and I want to push it up to my github account I can create a new repo with the github site, copy the linking url and then run

‘git remote set-url origin https://github.com/myYearOfCode/blahblahblah’

in order to set where it will push to. otherwise it will try to push to wherever you cloned from. That will probably have bad results. To check where the origin is you run

‘git remote -V’

OH YEAH! I got a 51wpm on a typing test today! That’s almost double my initial speed! It’s still darn slow, but it IS actually getting faster!


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