10.29 Study Log – StruggleFest

1.5h Today was hard, and tonight was hard. Thankfully it actually felt great once I started studying, but it was rough getting up to that point. Tonight I was back into learning  Modern React and Redux. I am on the third project and I’m finally digging it. Tonight I didn’t code along but I did take notes. Maybe that’s why it made more sense for me. I learned about js promises, redux-promise, AJAX requests with axios, and using form elements in react/redux. I’ll come back and code along at a faster speed. This app actually feels like something I will reference again in the future, and something I can easily see tweaking into something useful and stylish. We’re building a weather app, and we’re about to make some graphs! Data visualization ftw!

Part of the reason why my day was so rough is that I had to work 2.5 hours late. It was more emotionally draining than physically, but I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t prepared for it. I marked my calendar for how long I have until the bootcamp starts. We’re getting there! I also calculated the days until graduation and it just happens to be 200 days from today! that’ll put me at 320 total. I’m not sure if I’ll make it in an unbroken streak. Once I start camp I may not have the option of taking a day off, but I bet I will want to occasionally. I’ve been toying with how precious I should let my streak be. It can be very crippling once it gets to be a big number. It’s great when it is a positive motivation, but taking a day off every once in a while won’t matter in a year’s time.

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