3.15 Testing day

7h +1h OOF! today was a whopper! It started out with a three hour assignment that had two levels to it. The “meets expectations” level was pretty easy. The “exceeds expectations” level was a lot more involved. It required fixing a lot more tests, making some new classes and then writing tests for them as well. It was also written in a way that I thought I was done a few times and then realized I wasn’t even close!

It was still a lot of fun, and I don’t get that much uninterrupted coding time ever. I’m glad I made it through unscathed, and I’m glad to have gotten a good grade.

We also dipped our toes into http and sinatra, as well as some whiteboarding and phone screen skills. I’m glad we’re doing that starting in week one because it’ll be a lot harder to focus on soft skills in the last 4 weeks while we are coding on actual projects (and the stress is higher.)

I haven’t even looked at the homework for the weekend. It’s not gonna happen tonight! With that note – I’ve officially survived week one of launch academy!

I also did a tiny commit to my scraper where it mounts with some dummy divs and then waits for the fetch request to fulfill. The reason I did it was that it makes the page load feel much faster since the user is not looking at a blank screen for nearly as long.

I also installed a docklet last night that records your number of keystrokes and mouse distance. It’s pretty rad. Today I typed 10742 characters and moved my mouse half a mile! Wow.

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