12.30 Study log. C is for cookie?

3h I accidentally studied 3 hours today. I was having another bruiser of a battle with c and then I got a few wins in a row. Suddenly time wasn’t crawling by and I lost track of the time. I’m not finished yet, but I’m really, really close on pset3 in cs50. I’m also counting down the sections until we are out of c and on to python!

The lesson of the day is really reinforcing that breaking software down into as small of a piece as possible is the only way to do it. Just keep breaking it down and making tiny pieces. That worked well for me earlier today on a piece of code that breaks “A4@1/8” into a variable for the numerator and denomenator of the fraction, and it worked well again for me when I had to break out the A4 part and calculate the frequency of that note.

Ok, c is not fun, but I do feel like I’m learning some things. More to learn tomorrow as well.

Tell me what you think.

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