12.16 Study Log

2h Between parenting and getting called in to work there wasn’t much time for coding today. That is always frustrating when I have a weekend day gobbled up by “real life stuff” and I don’t get to play around with code as much as I would like. I did end up listening to a good episode of coding blocks that was all about data structures and I feel like it gave me a bunch more background info. One difficult thing about learning data structures for me is that in python and javascript many data structures either don’t exist or are different than they are in java or c. I guess that’s one more reason why some day I should dig in and learn one of those strongly typed languages.

On the idea of background info I was working on the kata yesterday and I needed to find distinct elements in an array. I immediately thought of sets because I have done a few data structures tutorials, and I went about figuring out how to implement it. It turns out that I really did not need to do it that way, but that’s the way things go. That is a proper way to use sets, but just not a functionality that I needed for that specific problem.

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