12.12 Study Log

2h I was all on my own again tonight. I got wrapped up in more projects and I got a fair amount done. For my app that puts text over images, I had previously built it to auto render an image every time the server restarted. That felt pretty cumbersome so I first set it up to grab input from the url parameters, and then I made a form to accept and pass those same fields. I even figured out the static routing so that I can show the resulting image to the user when it is finished! I need to figure out some type of promise situation since the writing seems to take long enough that the site tries to display it before it is finished writing to disk. This is the same type of situation (race condition) that I am dealing with on my mbta react app, but this one is all built in express currently. I fudged it together by waiting a second to try to display the image, but that could still end up biting me in the ass on a busy enough server.

I spent more time than I like trying to see why the css isn’t loading. I’m not totally sure what to try next. I can’t even get the simplest things to load, but I can make it work inline. Hopefully the new day will help straighten things out for me.

I also learned more new atom shortcuts! shift-control up down will give you multiple cursors from the keyboard, and shift-option up down will increment selected numbers. option up down will increment in a smaller amount. 

Tell me what you think.

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