12.6 Study Log


Tonight I finished up the last few lessons on React for beginners, did a little documentation on last night’s react/express project and I listened to a complete dev podcast on boundaries. I learned about how to deploy to now and one or two more hosting providers (including apache on a self-hosted server) and I worked on making a .gitignore file.

The last few weeks have been tough sleeping and I’m going to try to shut it down before 10 tonight. fingers crossed.

I need to figure out what is next to study, I also want to get my google drive and dropbox strategy figured out. I currently have a bunch of machines all synching the google drive and 2 machines are seemingly never caught up. I’m not sure why it matters but it bothers me for some reason.

I’m pondering doing cs50 on edx, but it feels like a shift to fundamentals would be moving the wrong direction at this point. I’m not sure. I am certain that there is some info in that class that I could definitely use, I’m just not sure how much bang for the buck I am going to get out of it. It seems like it’s fairly involved.

Other things I’m considering: a big project, some small projects to get concepts locked in, working on express, doing more testing tutorials, actually writing some tests, algorithms, interview prep.

I’m going to sleep on it and figure it out tomorrow. This is part of the fun of being a beginner – there is SO much interesting stuff for me to learn!


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