11.21 Study Log

2h More Jasmine tutorials, I’m still traveling,  and I’m still sick! 2h tonight was a slog, but I made it. Jasmine seems to be fairly clear – It’s my head that is foggy. We covered matchers tonight. Matchers are Jasmine’s way of comparing values and returning nice error messages.

On the larger level I’m undecided on how much I need to totally memorize vs ‘keep a familiarity of.’ It’s hard. I definitely could slow down and burn in every detail of the SQL language and Jasmine, but it feels like interview prep is a better use of storage space, and new stuff is a better use of my time.

I want to figure out how to run automated testing (which should be covered in this Jasmine course) and also do automatic reloads in the web browser. I think that is something that gulp does. I remember it being mentioned in ‘git a web developer job’ before I stopped doing that course. Maybe now would be a better time to pick that back up.

I also spent some time setting up atom. I’m sure I will do more of that in the future. I learned that Launch Academy really pushes it, so I should get comfortable before school starts!

My cold keeps making me want to write “I love you.” here at the end.

So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Tell me what you think.

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