11.11 Study Log

3h Tonight I did 1.5h of Modern React and Redux. It made a bit more sense after taking  a few days off, but I’m still not feeling the urgency behind why all of it is needed. I know I will get there once I start constructing it, but it sure does feel like a lot of glue and popsicles in order to have what (I feel like) other frameworks have out of the box. I’m not well enough informed in order to know if that is true, but it’s what my gut is telling me.

I also started on a coursera class called learning how to learn. I’m not totally sold after the first few videos, but even if it helps a tiny bit it will be worth my time over the next 40 years of my life. They were talking about it on the jr developer toolbox podcast so i’m going to give it a shot. I specifically signed up tonight because I was hoping it would be less sleep-inducing than the Redux tutorial. Nothing against that teacher, but my mind is closed to new redux info for the night.

I’m feeling really tired from this week and weekend. I don’t think there is a ton I can do about that, but I sure hope I start sleeping better and feel more awake while studying. Oh, the rest of my study time is podcasts – complete developer podcast and junior developer toolbox.

Tell me what you think.

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