11.02 Study Log


I’m definitely feeling yesterday’s long hours tonight. I would have loved more than 2 hours, but I’m really sleepy. I typed my notes from sass, jquery and sql from yesterday and I started in on section 6 of Modern React and Redux. This section is about making a tiny blog app that uses redux-router and makes api calls. I’m planning on doing this one twice as well so that I can listen the first time and type the second time again.

Yesterday I poked my head into codewars again and I got hit with a really dishearteningly difficult question right off the bat.  It wasn’t really a programming question as much as it was a math question. I needed to find out how many zeroes were at the end of a factorial without calculating the factorial. Hmmm… There was also a link to a wolfram alpha link about how to do just that, but it was a fairly dense piece of mathematics and I don’t have a ton of confidence that I can get those fancy formulas into javascript precisely. I need to start spending more time on interview questions, data structures, and algorithms. I think I need to make one or two days per week focused on that. it’ll help keep things more exciting!

Today is day 124, with 73 days to go before Launch Academy starts.

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