75 days until Launch Academy. what should I learn?

I have 75 days left to learn things before Launch Academy starts.

Some things will be retaught in the bootcamp, many won’t . Some things will help my load be a little lighter in school, while others don’t help me until I get out and start looking for jobs. I’m going to put up a big old list of things to do and things to learn and try to make sense of them all.

Things to learn

  • Jquery
  • relational databases
  • nonrelational databases
  • ruby
  • rails
  • react setup without create-react-app
  • containers (kubernetes/heroku)
  • node.js backend stuff
  • Async stuff
  • tdd in js and/or ruby
  • interview prep!

Things to do

  • set up future portfolio site
  • keep f’ing learning!
  • make some small demos to cement tutorials.

There are many, many more things to work on, but all of them are escaping me right now. I have conveniently 3 blocks of 25 days left. I feel like I should set aside at least 2 of them for js and assorted things. I am already comfortable with looking at ruby and I feel like using the third section to dive deeper into ruby may be a good thing. Js is a good language to learn general programming concepts, so it isn’t entirely that I am putting all of my eggs in that one basket. I also need to start doing regular interview prep and algo / data structure prep. Maybe I should assign weekends to that, and weekdays can be spent doing more structured learning. That feels right to me. When I get there, the third section might be good for algos/data structures and interview prep. FreeCodeCamp has “thousands of hours” of interview prep, so I think I probably won’t run out in 25 days!

Tell me what you think.

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