10.04 Study Log

2.5h Today I unintentionally applied to a bootcamp! Well, I’ve been meaning to and I did schedule a call with Launch Academy, but what I didn’t know was that it was an admissions interview, not an informational call! I spoke with one of the two co-founders and it was a very interesting time. It was around 45 min long, we talked about my coding journey, I did a small presentation (that I had to come up with on the fly!!) and some logic puzzles. The puzzles were fun, but stressful. Just like a coding interview he wanted me to think out loud so he could understand not just if I got the right answer, but how I got it as well. It was an interesting process. I hope to hear back from them soon, and I will be sure to post about why I am applying in the first place fairly soon.

For the rest of my studying I did the udacity Git class. This has been interesting so far. I can imagine that a git class could be deathly boring if done poorly. I have started keeping my notes on github as a way of having them all accessible at all times. The command line is a bit more cumbersome vs dropbox or google drive, but specifically for code it seems like it will have many benefits in version control.

I’m sure that there are tons of tiny ways I could optimize my git/github game, but I have ~2h left in this class and then I’m back onto ruby for a bit!

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